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ETDP SETA training solutions is aimed at Facilitate learning using a Variety of methodologies, Conduct outcomes-based assessments, Design and develops outcomes-based assessments and Conduct Moderation of outcomes-based assessments


Xtensive has registered Assessor’s and Moderator’s under the ETDP and to Assessor and Moderator courses with the MICT SETA. Xtensive will provide the service of Assessing and Moderating of the unit standard(s) and/ or professional services. Xtensive ensures:

Services and Deliverables

  • The Constituent Assessor/Moderator will provide Assessment /Moderation services to the Service Provider.
  • The Constituent Assessor/Moderator conducts ASSESMENT/MODERATION according to the roll- out programme and according to the Training Deliverables, set out by the service provider.
  • The parties will engage each other on an ad-hoc basis for any other services need, and the parties will agree on the fee and payment details on each and every occasion.
  • Compliance with the requirements for learner preparation in respect of assessments.
  • Assess learner’s portfolios as required from time to time, including the final Assessment of portfolios and generation of a Final Assessor Report for submission to a Moderator before submission to MICT.
  • Will be familiar with the Company’s Quality Management System (QMS) which includes assessment and Assessing policies, appeals policy, procedures, and assessment and documentation protocols, amongst others.
  • Guide and support learners within the context of assessment and/ or Assessing
  • Provide Assessing results as per agreed schedules.
  • Prior to commencement of or Assessing, meetings will be held to discuss requirements and duration of project.
  • Assess summative assessment tools prior to their use, and ensure that these tools satisfy unit standard requirements.
  • The Constituent Assessor/Moderator provides work of high quality as required by the Service Provider.


  • The ability to train others is a growing expectation of employers of their employees. With the many “company specific” technologies, systems and processes out there, often companies have no choice but to perform training themselves. On top of this for large scale training across a company, internal training is often far more cost effective than sending personnel to external providers.
    However, many people who are asked to train have never had formal training on preparing and presenting training and this can make all the difference in the success of a training programme. In order to assist companies to provide their internal trainers with the appropriate skills to perform effective training, Xtensive Academy is offering a training programme on “Train the Trainer: How to Bring Training to Life”.Instructional MethodsOur courses are highly participative workshops in the true sense. You’ll have an opportunity to explore issues and practice skills during individual and group exercises. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions about “back home” projects.
    We’ll use checklists, questionnaires, guides, worksheets and samples to provide you with tangible guidance in developing new skills. In summary, our approach is to do it rather than talk about it.

The Xtensive Approach to train trainers

  • Our focus is on realistic, practical material you can apply on the job. We concentrate our efforts on the how-to’s in the field.
  • Because our workshops are all performance-based, we provide you with step-by-step procedures to follow (rather than theories, principles and concepts).
  • We guarantee that the new skills you gain will have practical value that far outweighs the course fee.
  • We guarantee that the new skills you gain will have practical value that far outweighs the course fee.